Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Disease

Broad Immunotherapy Reach


Advancing first-in-class immunotherapy product candidates in oncology, as well as infectious and allergic diseases.



Next-generation, productive ZVex® and GLAAS™ discovery engines are the source of multiple product candidates across several therapeutic areas.


We leverage our cutting-edge platforms to produce product candidates and utilize distinct therapeutic approaches that, we believe, address the shortcomings of existing therapies and have the potential to treat a broad patient population either as individual therapies or in combination with other mechanisms of action. Our two primary product candidates, CMB305 and G100, are currently in multiple Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.
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Infectious and allergic DISEASES

ZVex® and GLAAS™ -based products have potential therapeutic utility outside of oncology, as well, and provide an opportunity for an innovative approach to develop improved therapeutics. We have been successfully executing a strategy to partner individual indications outside of oncology in infectious and allergic diseases, which provide potential downstream economics while preserving growth opportunity in the future.
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