Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Disease

Immune Design

We are a clinical-stage immunotherapy company with next-generation in vivo approaches designed to enable the body’s immune system to fight disease. Although we believe our approaches have broad potential across multiple therapeutic areas, we are focused in oncology and have engineered our technologies to activate the immune system’s natural ability to create tumor-specific cytotoxic T cells, or CTLs, to fight cancer. Our primary product candidate, G100, utilizes a distinct immuno-oncology approach that, we believe, addresses the shortcomings of existing therapies and has the potential to treat a broad patient population.

G100 is Immune Design’s lead product candidate and is designed to leverage the range of endogenous antigens (including neoantigens) found in the tumor microenvironment to create a systemic anti-tumor immune response from local injection. At its core, G100 consists of Glucopyranosyl Lipid A (GLA), a potent small synthetic molecule that selectively binds to the Toll-like Receptor-4 (TLR4) receptor. We believe this causes dendritic cells to activate, capture endogenous tumor antigens and induce a broad, anti-tumor immune response specifically relevant to each patient’s tumor type. In addition, certain tumor types such as follicular lymphoma express TLR4, which may enable G100 to have a dual mechanism of anti-cancer activity.

While our primary focus is immuno-oncology, we believe that our technology has therapeutic potential in infectious and allergic diseases, as well. We have successfully established multiple collaborations with global pharmaceutical companies leveraging the GLAAS platform. We look to our partnerships to provide potential downstream economics while preserving growth opportunities in the future.
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