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Doctors have created a vaccine that is showing some impressive results in a phase one trial, with few minor side effects.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News – Medical Breakthroughs. December 12, 2017

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Teacher, mom – and living proof of principle

Three years ago she was out of options to treat her advanced cancer. Then, she enrolled in an immunotherapy clinical trial.

Fred Hutch News Service. September 8, 2017

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Revolutionary Thinking Required

Novel Targets Podcast. Bringing Science to Life. September 1, 2017

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Immune Design’s quest for a cancer vaccine could go the distance.

MarketWatch. August 28, 2017

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Using a virus to teach the immune system to kill cancer

‘Exciting’ results from early trial spurts further development of novel vaccine for sarcoma

Fred Hutch News Service. June 2, 2017

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Deploying an ancient defense to kill cancer

In a small sarcoma trial, signs of immune attack after injections of a bacteria-inspired drug

Fred Hutch News Service. April 3, 2017

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And then there were five

Doctors are trying – with some success – to recruit the immune system to help with the war on cancer

The Economist. June 6, 2015

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